Our first step involves doing our homework.

Understanding your expectations and your organization’s needs helps us ensure the finished product meets your objectives. The process may be as simple as asking you a few basic questions so we start from a project brief; a more extensive discovery if we’re just getting to know you. In any case, doing this work up front lays the groundwork for a successful outcome.

As we begin the creative process, we invite our clients to get involved at the earliest stages. We show initial thoughts and sketches, listen to your feedback, discuss it, and act upon it. This exchange of reactions, ideas and insights continues until completion.

What are the advantages of this type of dialogue? We’ve been pleasantly surprised when our partners often compliment our good listening skills in addition to our on-target design/communications. We firmly believe our role is to listen to you, understand your objectives, distill that information, and give it visual representation. Since you’re involved from the beginning throughout the process, it takes away the risk of miscommunication and assures you of a finished product the meets (or more often, exceeds!) you expectations. It can help streamline approval processes and enhance buy-ins throughout your organization.

When you see your input reflected in the final product, you deserve to feel a proud sense of ownership. Despite your involvement, this approach does not add up to additional time or effort on your part. To the contrary, it saves you time.

Our Values

What makes us different?

  • We take the time to learn what you want — and what you need
  • We take a broader view than designers typically do; we’re more than a graphic design firm
  • We work together with you as a partner; we’re there for you
  • We seek to provide solutions that integrate with your overall marketing and communications plan
  • We focus on return on investment, working with you to establish benchmarks
  • We listen